On Saturday 08 June 2002 12:28 pm, Christian Gundersson wrote:
> lör 2002-06-08 klockan 18.17 skrev Stephen Liu:
> > Hi Massimiliano,
> >
> > Thanks for your advice.
> >
> > The wget tool sounds similar to "weblicator" in Windows, downloading the
> > complete homepage including all links for offline browsing.
> >
> > Before start please advise :
> >
> > 1) How to check whether the wget tool has been installed ?
> Asuming you use rpm then, "rpm -qa | grep wget" in a terminal should do
> the trick. If you get a line saying something like "wget-1.23-i386" then
> it's installed.
> > 2) Where shall the complete homepage be stored, in which folder/directory
> > ?
> Wherever you preffer, a good advice is ~/downloads/name-of-homepage.
> Just make a directory in your homecatalogue and place it there.
> > 3) Would it be possible to print the complete homepage download including
> > links in one ' click ' similar to printing a file rather then to print
> > page by page
> I dunno, some other person has to help you there sorry :
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On most Linux systems 

locate wget 

will find it and 

man wget 

will tell you more than you ever need to know.

Wget is just a non-interactive version of ftp, comparable to the old uucp
method of unattended file transfer. 

I just used it to download all the Context manuals. It took two steps.
First I downloaded a list of manuals and second I referenced that list
and downloaded the manuals themselves. 

John Culleton
Able Indexers and Typesetters 

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