[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-06-08 at 1726.04 +0800):
> They are web-pages.  Then I have to save all of them page by page.  It 
> shall take me a lengthy time to complete not including the time to print 
> them to a .pdf file.

There are tools to get web pages automatically, like wget. For
conversion too, like html2pdf or html2ps + ghostscript or htmldoc or
print from the browser to a pdf file (virtual printer trick). Just
search for the tools first, then let the computer work for you.

Also remember that the format of the web is HTML, not PDF, so it is
normal to find few things in PDF and a lot in HTML. OTOH, I just did a
quick test, hit print in NS, selected file, then converted the ps to
pdf. Not completly automatic, but not too long. For mass conversion, I
would print everything to ps, then run a script to convert all the ps
in the directory to pdf. And I would get the files with the proper
names, not some weird names, so I doubt it is really a waste of time.

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