[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-06-08 at 1008.18 -0700):
>From his headers, Stephen Liu is on a windows machine, which means he
>may lack most of the nice linux/unix web tools such as wget, etc.
>Are there any other windows users out there who have tried to
>download/convert the various GIMP tutorials?

wget exists for Win32, so do lot of Unix tools (search for Cygwin or
POSIX or any other terms), like a decent shell. Dunno if NS is capable
of printing to PS directly under MS Windows, and that is a first step
towards the ps2pdf path.

But I know there are ways to print to PDF in Win32 quite easily:
http://hamgate.upc.es/aru/links/docs/pdf/pdf.html. It is in Spanish,
so not very useful as is (I have exams and the only Win32 I have
access to are in Univ, aka I will not able to translate it soon, and I
will need somebody to do screenshots). Other option is that somebody
create a new doc similar to the hamgate one with info from

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