On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> wget exists for Win32, so do lot of Unix tools (search for Cygwin or
> POSIX or any other terms), like a decent shell. Dunno if NS is capable
> of printing to PS directly under MS Windows, and that is a first step
> towards the ps2pdf path.

First, I think its in place to point out that we've now drifted quite far 
from the solution the poor guy originally requested. Shellscripting etc is 
not a simple solution, which his question "In which folder will the site 
be stored" illustrates, quite unintuitive, and all of this still demands 
the downloading of entire sites in HTML... i.e. - not what was requested 
originally - simply tutorials in pdf, which might be quite a good idea to 
try providing further on.

Though, converting to pdf etc. is still interesting, and my $0.02 is that 
printing to any FILE-connected (i.e. - choose FILE rather than LPR1/2) 
generic Postscript-printer under Windows will generate what seems to be a 
proper ps-file, just rename it from file.prn or whatever Windows prefers 
to call them, to file.ps.

This seems to work, at least to the extent that I've brought such files 
(via gzip and scp) through the school's unix lpr-printers, they can be 
edited with mpage/psnup etc. Though, I figure that a good idea might be to 
also bring them through ps2ps to clean them up.

My $0.02...



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