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> What Digg-Users think about The GIMP:
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/GIMP_is_more_powerful_than_most_people_think_See_complete_tutorials_here

Some of the comments are actually quite useful. IMO it is easy to tell which 
users do actually use GIMP or other image editing applications - they are the 
ones who are able to name advantages and disadvantages of each app beyond 
general statements. Some is just flamebait, but this has to be expected on 
public forums, I guess.

Some of the disadvantages of current GIMP versions are going to be addressed in 
2.4, but the discussion clearly demonstrates that the plans for it (or even the 
current state of the 2.3 releases) is not known to the general public. 

It would be nice to have more than the NEWS file to tell about new features - 
an overview with examples, but as anything else this needs a) time and b) 
someone to do it (volunteers)?
Karine Delvare has taken on the responsiblity to provide a more readable news 
feed (seen at http://developer.gimp.org/), but it is still too textual (Karine, 
please do not think that I don't value your work). Others are spreading the 
news as well in articles, mailing lists, forums, ..., but this about all we've 
got on gimp.org

Personally, the most interesting fact for me in this discussion is that finally 
the "GIMP is not a clone of Photoshop" is getting across - the GIMP developers 
did never claim this themselves, people just want (or demand :) it to be.

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