Michael Schumacher wrote:

> Personally, the most interesting fact for me in this discussion is that 
> finally the "GIMP is not a clone of Photoshop" is getting across - the GIMP 
> developers did never claim this themselves, people just want (or demand :) it 
> to be.
> HTH,
> Michael

Sadly, Windows users, in general, expect any app they use to replace a 
high priced commercial version to look like and work exactly like the 
app they want to replace. There are thousands of apps available to 
Windows users that will lessen the load on their wallets tremendously 
and will get the job done just as well as their high cost counterpart. 
Most Windows users are unwilling to learn something new though. They 
expect the computer to do that for them too. M$ has gone out of it's way 
to instill that thinking in them for it's own benefit and too increase 
it's lock on the software market. All this leads to even more dependency 
on M$ type software and even higher costs to the end user, eventually. 
This all happens because they are lazy and unwilling to change in order 
to get what they are looking for. Consequently, what they end up with is 
even more enslavement to a commercial exploiter. Ironically, that's what 
they keep crying to get away from. They are their own enemy.

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