On 12/5/06, Alexander Rabtchevich
> Michael Schumacher wrote:
> > Some of the disadvantages of current GIMP versions are going to be 
> > addressed in 2.4, but the discussion clearly demonstrates that the plans 
> > for it (or even the current state of the 2.3 releases) is not known to the 
> > general public.
> What about giving more publicity to Windows development builds? I guess
> the Linux guys have enough qualification to obtain news or compile and
> give them a try by themselves :), but the majority of potential users
> use Windows. And as professionals also use Windows or Macs their
> feedback could be welcome.
> >
> > Personally, the most interesting fact for me in this discussion is that 
> > finally the "GIMP is not a clone of Photoshop" is getting across - the GIMP 
> > developers did never claim this themselves, people just want (or demand :) 
> > it to be.
> The time goes by, nothing stays unchanged. A voting can be issued via
> Internet, but I'm almost sure most of the users use GIMP and similar
> software for photo retouching now. As the digital imaging comes in
> people's houses, processing of photos becomes a demand. The number of
> users who need some kind of painting software for content creation from
> scratch (as Gimp was claimed to be used as designed) increases slowly,
> but the number of people who needs all-in-one tool for both photo
> processing and content creation grows.

OS is starting to hit mainstream.

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