Michael Schumacher wrote:

> It would be nice to have more than the NEWS file to tell about new
> features - an overview with examples, but as anything else this needs a)
> time and b) someone to do it (volunteers)?
> Karine Delvare has taken on the responsiblity to provide a more readable
> news feed (seen at http://developer.gimp.org/), but it is still too
> textual (Karine, please do not think that I don't value your work). Others
> are spreading the news as well in articles, mailing lists, forums, ...,
> but this about all we've got on gimp.org

Now that I'm more familiar with parsing Bugzilla and the Changelog, I
could build a more "public" news flow, with much less items and
screenshots of the new features. Where would it go? News items in
www.gimp.org front page, another feed, ... ?


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