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> Sadly, Windows users, in general, expect any app they use to replace a 
> high priced commercial version to look like and work exactly like the 
> app they want to replace. There are thousands of apps available to 
> Windows users that will lessen the load on their wallets tremendously 
> and will get the job done just as well as their high cost counterpart. 
> Most Windows users are unwilling to learn something new though. They 
> expect the computer to do that for them too. M$ has gone out of it's way 
> to instill that thinking in them for it's own benefit and too increase 
> it's lock on the software market. All this leads to even more dependency 
> on M$ type software and even higher costs to the end user, eventually. 
> This all happens because they are lazy and unwilling to change in order 
> to get what they are looking for. Consequently, what they end up with is 
> even more enslavement to a commercial exploiter. Ironically, that's what 
> they keep crying to get away from. They are their own enemy.

Assuming that by "high priced commercial version" you mean Photoshop,
two details:

* GIMP developers and many GIMP users are not expecting to replace
Photoshop in any way.
* It's very unprobable that you can find a bunch of applications that
can replace everything that Photoshop can do.

For many of us, GIMP is free software and Photoshop isn't. Full stop.

Cordially, Ismael
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