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> Michael Schumacher wrote:
> > Some of the disadvantages of current GIMP versions are going to be
> > addressed in 2.4, but the discussion clearly demonstrates that the plans
> > for it (or even the current state of the 2.3 releases) is not known to
> > the general public. 
> What about giving more publicity to Windows development builds? I guess 
> the Linux guys have enough qualification to obtain news or compile and 
> give them a try by themselves :)

This is an assumption that can't be maintained anymore, IMO. Linux is no longer 
the 1337 system it once has been. E.g., there are plenty of Linux users who did 
never type a single command or have never even seen an terminal window at all.

For all of them, binary builds are what they should use, provided that they 
know what they are doing. Currently, development builds aren't advertised to 
the general public because running them might still be a bumpy ride. Anyone who 
has tried 2.3.12 on Windows probably knows this; if not try to play with some 
scripts, especially those with gradient selectors.

In my opinion, this could change a bit if we tell users what they can expect 
from a new development release: new shiny features which should be tested - and 
bugs which might bite.
This would also be interesting for sites which redistribute the installers or 
links to them and are eager to be the first to publish new releases - it is no 
fun if you have to contact them and tell them "please add that 2.3 is unstable 
development, thank you".

> but the majority of potential users use Windows. And as professionals 
> also use Windows or Macs their feedback could be welcome.

The Windows GIMP installer gets 10,000 downloads per day right now, so this 
claim might even be justified. Does anyone have numbers for comparison. maybe 
the downloads for another platform?

GIMP on the Mac is another problem - AFAIK the default X config on OS X is a 
bit less than optimal, and I get them impression that the number of GIMP users 
there is the lowest of all major platforms. Gimp.app seems to be the most 
popular distro there, but it is behind the stable releases and there is not 
much activity in the bug tracker (and there are some nasty problems, especially 
on Intel Macs).

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