On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 22:01 +0100, Karine Delvare wrote:

> > I've started to sporadically write something along those lines [2], so
> > if you'd like to join forces we could move this away from my personal
> > dokuwiki space that's hosted on a very unreliable server to somewhere
> > more appropriate.
> That sounds great! The development news are hosted on my gimp webpage and I 
> am 
> currently the only one able to produce them, which is not very bright (there 
> have been some holiday weeks with no news because of that). I also host some 
> new features descriptions with screenshots on my blog, but they are not many 
> and not very visible.

I would like to suggest that you and Jakub, and whoever else wants to
contribute, concentrate on making a nice and comprehensive feature list
for the 2.4 release notes. After that we can then use your experiences
with this collaborative work to improve the quality of the release notes
for the development versions.


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