Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Some of the disadvantages of current GIMP versions are going to be addressed 
> in 2.4, but the discussion clearly demonstrates that the plans for it (or 
> even the current state of the 2.3 releases) is not known to the general 
> public. 

What about giving more publicity to Windows development builds? I guess 
the Linux guys have enough qualification to obtain news or compile and 
give them a try by themselves :), but the majority of potential users 
use Windows. And as professionals also use Windows or Macs their 
feedback could be welcome.

> Personally, the most interesting fact for me in this discussion is that 
> finally the "GIMP is not a clone of Photoshop" is getting across - the GIMP 
> developers did never claim this themselves, people just want (or demand :) it 
> to be.

The time goes by, nothing stays unchanged. A voting can be issued via 
Internet, but I'm almost sure most of the users use GIMP and similar 
software for photo retouching now. As the digital imaging comes in 
people's houses, processing of photos becomes a demand. The number of 
users who need some kind of painting software for content creation from 
scratch (as Gimp was claimed to be used as designed) increases slowly, 
but the number of people who needs all-in-one tool for both photo 
processing and content creation grows.

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich
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