Perhaps I'm in danger of starting an argument here but some of your points 
surprise me a little.

Manish Singh wrote:
> Maybe the creator of GimpShop should have respected the GIMP community
> instead of rejecting it. He did not consult anyone on any of the GIMP
> lists at all as to proper approaches, or even showed any interest in
> actually making useful contributions.

Sorry, but surely the whole point of the free software movement is that it 
deliberately empowers users to do all of the things you've just objected to. If 
you're uncomfortable with people taking these liberties then maybe you should 
consider releasing your code under a proprietary licence. And who says GimpShop 
is not a useful contribution? The contribution to the Gimp project may be null 
but to the free software community it clearly fills a niche.

> Since GimpShop rejects the GIMP community, we respect that decision and
> do not support it here. If you have issues with this, take it up with
> the people who do GimpShop. They can't reject the community yet expect
> simultaneously expect it to provide support.

Well actually, maybe they can because at least one member of this list provided 
an answer that the OP found helpful. And, to be honest, if it had been left at 
that we'd have 3 replies in this thread instead of 30.

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