* Jon Galliers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I've been reading this discussion with interest[1], as we are in just that
> process of deciding how best to develop 'web solutions' fast enough for
> clients, bless their sweet hearts, and whether Java or Perl is the best
> 'tool' for the job. 

the real answer to this, and i'd welcome tony's opinion here, is to hire
fewer people

> However, does this mean that Perl has to become a 'commercial' application
> to compete? When you consider the spread and use of Perl has without formal
> commercial support I don't think so.

i think it needs a bit of commercial support or at least its application
for some problem area's including the web need a bit of standardisation

for instance with the Rope concept, at least people would not feel they
were learning n different technologies (Apache, mod_perl, MySQL, tanagram,
TT, etc.) but instead a standard distributed toolkit - Rope

> [1]and thinking I should contribute something to this list, even if it is an
> incoherent ramble, 

anything apart from an incoherent ramble would break from the norm

> and vowing that I'll make more effort to get to the next
> meeting.

we'll see you there

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