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> i am a little unclear what the benefits of this exercise might be without
> a brand or larger player backing it up. if we could hook up with someone
> like learning tree (eg they can claim to deliver courses to "PCSE"
> standards) this might be a big winner.
> alex
> ps i only mention learning tree because they're a company people know of
> OUTSIDE the Perl community.
> ps2 PCSE - Perl Certified Software Engineer? lack of imagination?

IMHO to be of any use certification needs to be HUGE .. eg we need
O'Reilly AND Manning behind it or it simply won't fly. We could write a
very comprehensive set of tests and assesment levels, do all that. It
could be the very best thought out, standards based certification for
Perl out there .. but without a Major Backer (eg the two afore mentioned
companies) its nothing ... 

The only reason MCSE became popular was becuase it was backed by the
MS themselves. If one of those internet based testing things had done it
it could  have been just as good a test, but worthless in the marketplace
.. its not the programmers you have to get interested in it ... its the
people HIRING the programmers .. if no one ever gets asked 'have you
passed a PCSE' then they are unlikely to bother getting one ...

IMHO  we need to:

a) Fuck it, Just do it .. ( so thats got the ball rolling)
b) get some other groups (eg NY.pm ) involved to get the support of the
    Perl community at large
c) get the backing of O'Reilly et al (at least 1 big player .. preferably 

O'Reilly wil like it cos they get to sell 'Perl For PCSE(stage 1)' etc ..
and so long as the plan is  Good Plan (tm) I would have htought that
someone like O'Reilly or manning would be happy to back a project which
is basically already done for them ...

It sounds like a lot of work and unachievable . .but I would have thought
if we can get the ball rolling AND get the involvment of other .pm groups
and push it at YAPC and TPC6 then 'others' will jump on board and many
hands make light work ..

Robin Szemeti

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