you don't think having a single body with representation whose
responsibilities would be exam delivery, assessment and certificaiton
would be more efficient/effective than what you describe?


On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Robert Shiels wrote:

> > I think a lot of this will be about signing up to a charter or code
> > of conduct. What we will need is an actual exam, i was thinking about
> > this last night, and my thoughts were to write a web interface were
> > certified certifiers could request 10 tests, by filling the names
> > of the recipients in first. Then a script would select questions
> > from a database of categorised questions and make up a PDF seperately
> > for each of the recipients, the certifier would then supervise
> > the recipient completing the test in the allotted time and afterwards
> > they would mark it and return it (original hardcopy) to the main body.
> > This main body may check one or two, more to ensure that their
> > is consistency across certifiers, and assuming that the tests
> > were all fine, the certifier would get a nice shiny PDF for each
> > of the recipients of the test.
> >
> As TIMTOWTDI in Perl, marking could be extremely difficult unless we have
> multiple choice questions. Is MSCS multiple choice? SAP is.
> /Robert

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