Matthew Byng-Maddick wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Philip Newton wrote:
> > Unless you translate them to an acceptable set, which is, I 
> > believe, where domain i18n is heading. The question is in
> > which algorithm to choose for translation.
> Right. Which is evil and horrid.
> nslookup
> euch.

Yes. Either you have to translate "randomkanji" to "bq--buffy"[2] in your
head or with an appropriate tool, or nslookup will have to be smart
enough[1] to translate "randomkanji" to "bq--buffy" before asking the
resolver library.


[1] This includes knowing whether you fed it "randomkanji" in EUC-JP, or
ISO-2022-JP, or UTF-8, or KSC-5601, or.... Yum.
[2] which, incidentally, translates to U+0D0A U+0D5C, or <MALAYALAM LETTER
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