Matthew Byng-Maddick wrote:
> the host (according to RFC1123) must match
> /^([a-z0-9]+)((.[a-z0-9-]+)*(.[a-z0-9]+))?$/i
> which doesn't really give you support for hostnames in those many
> characters.

Unless you translate them to an acceptable set, which is, I believe, where
domain i18n is heading. The question is in which algorithm to choose for

> > will take *years* to replace all that's out there with new 
> > versions.  Look at how slowly crypto use is spreading, or
> > how little-used IPv6 is.  IMNSHO,
> Ah, but on the other hand look at the growth curve for the 
> internet. It *will* pick up.

It'll pick up when Microsoft implements such stuff in its operating system
and/or in Internet Exploder, and not much before. Wanna bet?

AFAIK, Solaris has IPv6 in its newest incarnations. I still don't see much
of it around.

Probably like the explosion of TCP/IP, which (outside of universities etc.)
really only came with Win95 (modulo Trumpet Winsock).

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