> That thread is how I discovered Lyx and why I signed up for the list 
> yesterday. I will now go back to lurking, and I hope to read less 
> threads of the 'holy moly' type. It has been a long time since I've seen 
> that kind of behaviour on a FOSS mailing list.

The LyX developers and mailing list community are very polite and helpful. 
I have participated on the lists for over five years. LyX and its 
community have been very useful for me personally and professionally.

For what it is worth, I do some of my projects in LyX, and some in "vi" 
using LaTeX or DocBook. It mostly depends on what I am working on or 
working with to decide on the tools/technology.

I recently started exploring S5 for slideshow in browser, but it made my 
firefox very sluggish and I couldn't quickly find a tool (other than vi) 
to create and maintain a slideshow. So I quickly used LyX with Beamer to 
do a 50+ slide presentation on DNSSEC. (I will presenting again in Dallas, 
Texas next week -- let me know if you are in Dallas area.)  LyX lets me 
focus on content and less on formatting and presentation.

Thank you again to the LyX developers and community.

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