Dotan Cohen wrote:
2008/7/30 Steve Litt<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On Wednesday 30 July 2008 08:21, killermike wrote:
The original question that starts is poorly conceived but this Slashdot
thread brings up quite a lot of references to LyX in the comments.
Having read most of the responses, they can all be summed up thusly:

LaTeX (and LyX) is a committment. If you put a lot into it, you get a lot out
of it. If you put very little into it, you get less than zero out of it.
LaTeX (and LyX) isn't for everyone. IMHO if you're only going to write one
book, it's not worth learning LaTeX or LyX. For me, the payoff has come over
multiple books.

Is LyX only good for writing books, then?

That is Steve's opinion :-)

I use LyX for all my writings: letters, invoices, articles, technical documents, now also CV, etc.

I am currently an OOo Writer user. I am always frustrated with styles
and I wish that I could just edit the source of the document like I
edit HTML. In fact, I have often considered just using HTML but it
does not translate well to PDF, and there is no good equations editing

I understood from the /. post that LyX would let me work with a
document, and edit the source where I see necessary. Is this not so?

Yes, this is possible but not really recommended. Although power user like Steeve do it. A better alternative to editing .lyx format is the ability to insert raw LateX directly from the LyX window.

Although I have invested in learning a bit of PHP, a bit of C, a bit
of HTML/CSS, etc, I don't have the resources at the moment to spend
more than a few hours learning a new tool. And full LaTeX will take
more than a few good hours :)

I've been a LyX user for more than 10 years and I never took the time to learn LateX :-)


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