Steve Litt wrote:
On Wednesday 30 July 2008 11:24, Abdelrazak Younes wrote:

Again, a great application for LyX assuming the tech doc is over 10,000 words
long. Shorter docs are easier in quick and dirty OO.

I beg to differ, quite strongly. The moment you write something else than text (e.g. math). You just can't beat LyX. Oh and I also use LyX for taking note when I am at a conference or in a meeting. I am so used to LyX typing that my notes look nice and well structured from the very beginning, nicer than if I hand-write them :-)

now also CV, etc.

I wouldn't use LyX for resumes. Fine-tuned layout is very important in
resumes, because they need to be 1 page or 2 pages, and aesthetically
pleasing. A resume is much more like an advertisement than like an article.
In advertisements, putting this block of text just in this place with that
font is essential. IMHO the tool to use for resumes is OO Writer or MS Word
or even Inkscape or Gimp, but not LyX, LaTeX or TeX.

Well, for people like me who didn't change his CV layout for years, the modern CV class gave a refreshing look to my CV :-)

Although I have invested in learning a bit of PHP, a bit of C, a bit
of HTML/CSS, etc, I don't have the resources at the moment to spend
more than a few hours learning a new tool. And full LaTeX will take
more than a few good hours :)
I've been a LyX user for more than 10 years and I never took the time to
learn LateX :-)

Abdel -- when you need to get an environment's appearance "just so", how do
you do it without LaTeX? How do you make new environments?

I don't :-) I almost never have strong idea of what appearance should be.

I think I know. There are people who know hundreds of LaTeX packages and what
they do, so they can accomplish any kind of look just by including an
additional package and using it correctly. Abdel -- is that how you get the
look you want without being a LaTeX expert?

Not really. OK, I know more or less my way around some packages but the real answer is that I am pretty satisfied with LyX official document classes. _I_ don't feel the need to tweak them. The bigger tweaking I do is adding vertical space, horizontal space or page break, that's all. I also do use characters style now (the 1.6 incarnation of it).


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