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 it is a catheyesque fix and deserves a Cathey award!

Thank you.

 As I understand it, now you have no 4 way flashers.  Is that correct?

My emergency lights work correctly. The same flasher is used for both the
turn signals and the emergency lights.

 I always thought integrating the turn signals
 with the 4 way was a dumb solution, but I am sure
 it solves other problems, like feedback if both
 turn signals and 4 ways are put on at the same

If you have a turn signal on and then turn on the emergency flasher
switch, the other turn signal comes on in time with the original turn
signal light.


Well then you've earned a Cathey with Oak leaf clusters, as well as an Attaboy from Wilton!

Way to go!

Is the original flasher switch still used to turn on the 4 ways? I didn't see it in your pictures.


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