yes. Even when I drove the esquella bus, in snow, I'd hit the brakes once in a while just to be sure I had reasonable traction.

Never had a problem with a bus or truck in schnee. One ditsy female driver slid a busload of kids off a gravel road hill due to stupidity. My route took me up the same hill. The dispatch told me to drive 10 mi around to pick up the kids, and I was at the foot of the hill. Her bus was clear off the road at about 40ยบ tip. I turned around, got lined up, backed up to be able to get a run, and ran right up the hill beside her. At the top I stopped and had her kids walk up to my bus. They were not even late to school, much to their chagrin. Had I driven around, they would have been late. Had I driven around, I would have had to back about a mile in from the last place I could turn around. My load of kids was telling me I could not go up the hill, until I did it. Then they were sheepish, and the new crew, figuring out they might not be late to school were quite subdued too. THAT was nice!
Max Dillon via Mercedes <>
December 1, 2016 at 5:07 PM
Ah yes, worst gang wars I ever witnessed, the Lords of the Farm & Fleet vs the Fleet Farm Knights. Onion covered it in full gory detail one summer when I was I college.

My father was the drivers ed teacher at my high school, he taught us all that during your first drive in snow each fall, spend some time losing traction on purpose, by heavy braking and by turning too quickly, in order to refresh the memory of how to drive in the snow. Best done in an empty parking lot.


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