At normal operating temp, which don't vary much with ambient, as the flluid level goes down, the temp will go up.  (Same amount of friction heat BTUs being transferred to less fluid.

On my 200D, I put an oil temp sensor in the oil pan, and SW Gauges for oil temp and pressure.   I could tell by the temp and pressure when it was one pint low on oil in the crankcase.  Pressure would decease a couple pounds and temp would increase a few degrees.  It was quite reliable and predictable.

I would assume that a temp chart could be made for various levels of fluid if the trans has a way to read temps, but no way to check fluid level.

At any rate, he should add a dipstick and tube, and change fluid and filter. (assuming it has more than50k miles...)

Craig via Mercedes wrote on 8/12/19 9:28 PM:
On Mon, 12 Aug 2019 18:56:20 -0700 clay via Mercedes
<> wrote:


Would anybody on list have access or know where to find the graph which
correlates the fluid temp to mm of fluid in the pan?   This would be a
good thing to make himself a kit for when he changes fluid and filter.
Are you joking?

How can ATF temperature relate to fluid level?

The fluid temperature will at least depend upon how hot it is outside and
how hard you have run the car ...



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