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> Not nonsense.  Jim had it.  The fluid expands with rising heat in a
> vessel of a given volume.  Knowing the temperature of the fluid allows
> a person to gauge how full up the millimeter stick said fluid has
> risen.  The wire is marked in millimeters, so one needs know the x
> (temp) and y(volume) to see if you are on the mark of proper level.
> Thus the graph.

Ah, yes, I see it now: I misunderstood what you wrote, as did FT.
We thought you were measuring just temperature and coming up with
the level. That would be nonsense.

> I did not make this up.  This is some Fiat Chrysler magic based on
> Daimler pixie dust

Actually it does not need pixie dust, if you measure BOTH temperature
and depth.

      D = kNT  =>    N = ----

   where,  D = Depth of 
           k = fudge-factor constant
           N = Number of liters of ATF at standard temperature
           T = Temperature, Kelvins

So, knowing BOTH the temperature and the depth you can calculate the
number of liters of ATF at the standard temperature.



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