> > Well, the real crux of the problem is that there are some things
> > that you simply cannot _do_ within the context of IMAP.  The big
> > one that comes to mind is annotations (there really isn't a way to
> > modify messages on the server, from my reading of the
> > specification).
> Ouch, that really bites.  That was one of the first questions that
> popped into my mind when I first started hearing about IMAP, but I've
> been too lazy to find out if you could do that or not.  The fact that
> messages are individual text files is one of the biggest wins of nmh
> for me.

Me too.  I reformat crappy emails with lines 120 chars long, delete
large HTML duplicates that add nothing if I want to keep the mail, etc.

Couldn't nmh develop into having multiple back-ends for different
formats and cope with some formats not allowing some operations?  Then
anno on IMAP would gracefully fail.


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