Dear Connie,

I regard your good ideas, and I can honestly say that your Persian Word
Processing website pushed us a lot forward in managing our task. During
the IranL10nInfo draft you can see many references back to your site.
Thank you.

About your suggestion, however, we (i.e. our team) have no idea about
Afghan and Tajik languages. Moreover, for this very project that we are
putting a lot of -actually nonprofit- time and energy for the familiar
language of Persian, we're still not sure to what extent it will be
accepted, and I was rather disappointed when I was told that FarsiWeb is
not interested in Microsoft .NET technology at all. Even though I value
all the great achievements that FarsiWeb has found, I personally believe
that resolving Persian computing issues should not be selective,
especially for a group that has nationally accepted this mission, and
especially about a platform that is going to be the infrastructure of
somewhat more than 90% of the clients (mainly Windows).

Anyways, I'm writing to this mailing list to also receive motives beside
hands. ;)

Omid K. Rad

   <<Iran Localization Info for Microsoft .NET>> 

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> Omid,
> Thanks and good idea.
> Why not also include Afghan and Tajik data?  No one is looking out for

> them. For example, I recently tried to figure out the date in 
> Afghanistan. There are dozens of online converters but all they've 
> done I think is take FarsiWeb's Jalali converter and change Esfand to 
> Hut, etc with no attention to the different way the leap year is 
> calculated making the calendar useless.  (Luckily someone finally 
> provided me with a trustworthy off-line calendar.) Then I tried to 
> type a paragraph in Tajik and the best font I could find was a hacked 
> Times New Roman which was unusable.  A side benefit to taking the 
> other "Persians" into consideration is that it brings up issues of 
> Iran Persian which might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
> Just a humble suggestion.
> -Connie

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