On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 02:09, Omid K. Rad wrote:
> I totally agree with you that the name "Jalali" keeps away all that
> confusion and debate around Farsi/Persian/Iranian and also
> Shamsi/Khorshidi.

There remains another confusion also: that the Afghan calendar is
different from the Iranian one in leap year calculation. And since the
origin of both is the Jalali calendar ....

> But as far as I'm advised, the "Jalali Calendar"
> refers to an era other than the "Hejrie Shamsi" which is in use today,
> and the calculations are not exactly the same. This is what some people
> have told me, I don't know about the details though. Can anybody clarify
> please?

I confirm. The leap year calculation rule is supposedly that same, but
the lengths of the months is different.


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