On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Omid K. Rad wrote:

> I regard your good ideas...
Thank you for the kind words.
Most of what is there is in fact, stuff I've learned on this list and can
also be found in the archives.

> About your suggestion, however, we (i.e. our team) have no idea about
> Afghan and Tajik languages.
It's all one language, different conventions.
I'm just saying that's an obvious area where someone needs to do
something even if just coordinate and facilitate.

You could really do a great service by getting the interest and funds
together to get a nice font made from scratch for example. Like Tahoma but
more "Persian" looking. Open Type and with all the Persian/Tajik
characters and the extended Latin subset needed to transliterate them.
I've been shouting this need from the rooftops over here but they don't
take me seriously.  You might have better luck.

There are many other projects, in fact.

> accepted, and I was rather disappointed when I was told that FarsiWeb is
> not interested in Microsoft .NET technology at all.

That is to be expected that they aren't jumping up and down for joy about
your project.  They've reiterated their stance on Microsoft often enough.
If you ask Microsoft to help you with your Linux project, you might also
get the same warm reception, right? However, from what I've observed, the
Farsiweb-Microsoft relationship has been mutally beneficial even when
there is no obvious profit to either side.

I'm not exactly sure what you want FarsiWeb to do beyond what they're
already doing.  Even to look over your data would require time they don't

> Anyways, I'm writing to this mailing list to also receive motives beside
> hands. ;)
I'm sure there are a lot of people listening who will be very happy
to hear about you and your team so just find your niche and don't lose
hope-- as your name implies!

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