Dear Omid,

Not talking formally, but just my personal opinion:  We cannot
work on Microsoft platform, for a zillion of reason, including
but not limited to, that we cannot afford their products.


On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Omid K. Rad wrote:

> Dear Connie,
> I regard your good ideas, and I can honestly say that your Persian Word
> Processing website pushed us a lot forward in managing our task. During
> the IranL10nInfo draft you can see many references back to your site.
> Thank you.
> About your suggestion, however, we (i.e. our team) have no idea about
> Afghan and Tajik languages. Moreover, for this very project that we are
> putting a lot of -actually nonprofit- time and energy for the familiar
> language of Persian, we're still not sure to what extent it will be
> accepted, and I was rather disappointed when I was told that FarsiWeb is
> not interested in Microsoft .NET technology at all. Even though I value
> all the great achievements that FarsiWeb has found, I personally believe
> that resolving Persian computing issues should not be selective,
> especially for a group that has nationally accepted this mission, and
> especially about a platform that is going to be the infrastructure of
> somewhat more than 90% of the clients (mainly Windows).
> Anyways, I'm writing to this mailing list to also receive motives beside
> hands. ;)
> Regards,
> Omid K. Rad

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