At 10:02 PM 7/9/2001 +0200, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > > I'd like to see Sascha's attitude change, ideally.
> >
> >     Ok - Sascha, do you think that your attitude is a problem?
>     I don't think that bears an answer considering the contents
>     of this thread and the amount of people who outspoke in
>     support for me.  And actually, I don't see any need to
>     prolong this fruitless discussion.

Sascha, don't come to conclusions too quickly if you do want to improve 
your weak spots. Rasmus & Thies supported you because either they don't see 
what others see or because it is more comfortable for them to do so. There 
are many people who are frustrated with your attitude (excluding Zeev and 
myself) who might not feel as confident because they aren't on the PHP 
Group and therefore don't say it in public. I'm not saying it to continue 
this argument but just so that you don't completely dismiss what was said 
here and possibly do take the few lines that might apply and think them 
over. You know as well as I do that at least Zeev and myself have tried in 
the past two guide you when it comes to attitude via personal Email and at 
least for us it didn't work. And yes, I'm not bull shitting for argument 
sake but I have actually heard these complaints for a long time from other 
people who have no more in common with me than with you.
Although I understand you suffer some sort of Zend paranoia don't forget 
that we are all on the same side. And Zeev and I together as a team have 
done more than our shares' worth of that side. For some reason, especially 
the PHP Group guys, seem to forget that.
Anyway, I don't meant it as a complete rant but I just don't want you to 
think that because Rasmus&Thies think you're great when it comes to giving 
people a team spirit that you completely dismiss our criticism.


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