At 22:12 9/7/2001, Zak Greant wrote:
>Zeev wrote:
> > Rasmus wrote:
> > >   So please stop with the personal attacks and
> > >concentrate on the real technical issues.
> >
> > I'd appreciate it if you stayed out of this one
>     Quoting from a previous message:
>     > I'd be happy to hear what other people think about 'you vs. me'.
>     You did ask for opinions and Rasmus is *very* qualified to comment
>     on the situation. :)

I'm not sure on whether he is or not, but either way, I asked for concrete 
comments about the contents of what I said, not how he thinks I should or 
shouldn't speak.

> > I'm fed up with Sascha's attitude towards me and other developers,
> > and decided it was time to point that issue out.
>     Everyone knows this issue - it gets dragged onto the list every
>     couple of months or so...
>     What result do you want out of this argument? Sascha's exile from
>     the project? The other developers to rise up with torches and
>     pitchforks, lynch Sascha and burn his lab... ;)

I'd like to see Sascha's attitude change, ideally.


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