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> > checkout hook to force a full build after checkout. It was years ago,
> > and I can't find them now that I search for them, but I remember it
> > was not too difficult to implement (and I'll keep an eye out for them
> Yes, did so too, around 2008 for SVN. But such tricks are a cludge.

Too true...

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> But, *of course*, nobody will be stopped to do with PicoLisp whatever he 
> likes.
> Anybody can build a repo (as some people here already did), and communicate on
> in whatever platform. I just don't see that *I* have to do it.

Of course it makes sense you don't have to do anything people ask you
on a mailing list :-D which is why I emphasise I was just
"campaigning" for the merits of a workflow in the broader context (and
I believe others were too) - it can't hurt to try to sway opinion
occasionally... Of course the debate about workflows helping
user-flexibility, community-building, integration, exposure, etc all
comes second-priority to you developing picolisp in the way that
doesn't obstruct/limit you. For that reason it is good you outlined
your workflow so clearly:

> I live on incremental snapshots [...] has the environment from that
> moment (not only source files explicitly checked in [...] Forcing my
> working style to the limitations of a repo would be a drawback.

..so anyone who wants to pursue the issue in the future can read that
in the mail-archives before doing so.

Rowan Thorpe
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