Well, if you have no objections to Commentary, certainly you will have no 
objections to white nationalist publications which rant on and on about their 
ethnic enemies.  The core theme of Commentary is that "the Jews" are locked in 
an apocalyptic holy war against the rest of the human race.  This is the 
xenophobic shriek that gurgles up through neocon scribblings again, and again, 
and again -- the whole world is against us; we must annihilate cult outsiders 
before they annihilate us.  The neocons, like most members of ethno-religous 
cults, are beyond help, beyond rational intervention.

Getting free and clear of this mess is probably going to be a major 
preoccupation of the mainstream Jewish community in the coming years, just as 
purging Nazism from their culture has been has been a major preoccupation for 
Germans since World War II.  The neocons have gone far, far off the 
reservation, and they still have a strong hold on the foreign-policy-making 
apparatus in the Bush 43 administration, especially in Dick Cheney's office.  
Compared to this crew, Kevin MacDonald is no threat at all, a tiny blip on the 

michael098762001 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:                                  
--- In political-research@yahoogroups.com, Sean McBride
 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:How obsessed are neocons with "the Jews"?  You
 be the judge.  Here are some verbatim titles of Commentary articles:
 For a journal sponsored by the American Jewish Committee, this is
 what s/b expected. For a journal published by the NAACP, "Crisis, "
 I'd expect tons of articles on and by Blacks. For a journal published
 by the Serbian American Congress, I'd expect lots of articles by and
 on Serbs...and articles on Kosovar and Bosnian Muslims being savage
 anti-Christian beasts.

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