--- In political-research@yahoogroups.com, Sean McBride
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:Well, if you have no objections to Commentary,
certainly you will have no objections to white nationalist
publications which rant on and on about their ethnic enemies...

   Get a grip, Sean. If you had any knowledge of the US
radical/progressive/social democratic/liberal-Left, and saw my cites
of a group I have belonged to for decades, the Democratic Socialists
of America, or googled my name and e-mail addresses, you would see
literally hundreds of posts I have made over the yrs. on left
listservs like lbo-talk, pen-l and marxmail, against the neo-cons and
white nationalists/neo-nazis.
   The neo-cons in SDUSA despise DSA. Go to the Hoover Institute and
read like I did once in the Carl Gershman papers, his 100 pg. plus
denunciation of democratic socialist Michael Harrington as a

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