The drill is a drill and it has a specified (if only by default)
layer pair regardless of the pad layer specifications. Then Protel tries to
say it is not a valid drill, but only for the drill drawing output where a
close manual check is the only possible manner by which to catch the error
or omission? It is by program operation, valid for all manner of definition,
checks and the Excellon drill file output, but not valid for the drill
symbol drawing. It is obviously an unintended oversight which Protel now
excuse with half-baked excuses and unipolar (CYA) logic. Considering it was
a valid operation in P98, I am surprised that the respondent who replied to
my bug report didn't claim that the bug was actually in P98 but that P99SE
now worked correctly. I am pondering another bug report to report that the
program allows this drill definition, doesn't DRC flag this erroneous drill
and doesn't eliminate it from the Excellon drill file output.

        I will change my manner of specifying these pads/holes. I knew that
what I'm doing is not unique, within a short period of time after I found
the problem, two other posters had also stumbled onto the same discovery.


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I too use non-plated holes with a pad on a single side, but have always
used the multilayer padstack with no problems (99SEsp5, didn't want to
change horses in mid stream). I just set the internal and top layer
sizes to 0, select non-plated, and set the bottom pad size and hole size
as required.

The only time I would consider using a pad placed on a layer is if that
pad were not to be drilled. (If a pad is placed on the bottom layer with
a drill, then it is no longer a pad on the bottom layer since HOW can a
hole be on the BOTTOM layer?)

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

David W. Gulley
Destiny Designs

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