I would like to try and stay with Wind Rivers standards. They have
already done most of the leg work on this subject. I know most have a lot
going on and I wanted everyone to have time to look over some of the
documentation on Wind Rivers setup, and comment on the possible problems or
conflicts they may see in there setup.
        As for the one who should be leading the group on this matter, my
intentions where to make this a group project and have everyone openly voice
there opinion and ideas. Everyone's concerns should be addressed no matter
what they are, is that not why this group was set up in the first place?
***(I vote no leader)***
        (IMO) I do not believe one person should be the deciding factor for
new ideas or possible revisions brought on by other users or them selves (it
makes it look like one is trying to take credit for someone else's
idea/work). Mind you this was not my idea. I got the idea from Tom Hausherr
from Wind River, after I sat in one of his white paper sessions at the IPC
designers council symposium. What he said struck a cord and I felt it would
be a very helpful tool for everyone in the group, someone new to Protel, or
another designer using another CAD pkg to shorten design time. Lets face it
we all work with father time on or backs to get a project out in time.

        (step off the soap box)

Thank you,


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On 11:10 AM 7/26/2001 -0400, Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:
>Does anyone know if the wildcard character '?'
>is acceptable in footprint names? 

Good question. According to a Windriver document (Getting20%Started.doc in
the autocad directory), under the sub-heading "Pads software decal list
defaults", item 3 states that the "?" is illegal, along with other
"standard" illegal characters  * < > ; , 

"Decals" are "footprints", yes? (i'm kinda ignorant of what PADS folk call

I believe that Ted said he basically wants to follow the standards
previously set by the folks at Windriver, who have already begun the process
for the PADS community specifically, but also for the EDA community at large
by virtue of their having already solved many of the administrative

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