The suggestions for locating the library on a web site has a lot of merit,
especially in view of the concerns summarised here by Andrew.  Software that
is used for on-line catalogue shopping could possibly be adapted, or used as
a model, to allow users to browse through the various permutations possible
for any particular footprint.  This would probably produce the results that
the users would want sooner, less expensively and more reliably than trying
to have the same facility incorporated within Protel.  It would then be
possible to show all of the specifications and parameters related to the
footprint, such as paste screen thickness, reflow vs solder wave vs hand
soldering, margin from actual part to the part outline etc.  Some guidelines
should be set regarding the information to be included in the "spec. sheet"
for each footprint.  It would then be left up to the user to decide how
applicable a particular footprint would be in his situation.  This approach
would allow Protel's programmers to stick with improving the basic product.
The web site could be supported by one or more sponsors, donations or
subscriptions.  There are probably enough participants in this forum who
have the skills to develop such a web site.  People are already putting time
into developing Protel servers and sharing them with other forum members.

Just a thought or two.

Phil So

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> From: Andrew J Jenkins [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Thursday, 26 July 2001 05:56
> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] a lib. for everyone
> On 01:10 PM 7/24/2001 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:
> >Andrew,
> >         please don't throw me into the simple nay-sayers
> Nope. I didn't. Just "doubting" Thomas, to whom I originally replied.
> >  I have my doubts
> >about whether it could be accomplished amongst a group as 
> diverse as ours,
> >but it can be done. My concerns would be more for the 
> diverse opinions and
> >desired features within the library and coming to some consensus on a
> >standard approach.
> Features are the stumbling block. As has been mentioned, one 
> person's "preferred" footprint may not be another's. (my 
> efforts, for instance, have been primarily limited to 
> hand-soldered PCBs, resulting in a need for much larger pads 
> than might be expected with other soldering processes) 
> This leads me to the conclusion that either multiple working 
> footprints for a given "base" footprint will have to be 
> individually generated, or another process which allows for 
> capturing the variations within a single, generalized part, 
> like folding an agreed-upon group of mfg methods requirements 
> into each footprint, by use of the available layers, or by 
> use of some other trick(s). Unless some "trickery" is 
> practiced, I'm concerned that the library size might grow 
> beyond the expected <10K count value that has been offered.
> >         Many of us have that tendency to ramble, as long as 
> it is a flow of
> >thoughts that others can discuss and build on what is the 
> problem with it?
> None that I can think of. I was just practicing my apologetics ;) 
> aj
> P.S. In answer to your question/comment a few days ago, I've 
> been here all along, never left, just on Hiatus for the last 
> couple months, and so fell into the nether-state of 
> Lurker...Too much work on the decrepit 100+ yr old house to 
> accomplish, and too little time to accomplish it in...(right 
> now, it's just too "danged" hot here in Cleveburg to work 
> outside in the sun all day long, (ex: 88F & 70%RH @ 5pm 
> yesterday) so I have "un poco tiempo" with which to "play" 
> before dragging my butt back out into the lobster pot every so often.

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