> On the other hand, today we have carpal tunnel syndrome and I got a frozen
> left shoulder from hours of having my left hand hovering over the keyboard
> while the right hand moved the mouse. Don't try this one at home, it took
> year of physical therapy to unfreeze the shoulder.

Abdul, have you tried using a trackball and wrist rest?  During my recovery
from surgery, I took my workstation home and put it on a wheeled table (my
father made it) that overhangs my bed, like a hospital table.  Since the
keyboard support area is tilted down, a mouse was impossible to use because
it would roll off onto the bed.  I found a trackball I really like.  It's a
Logitech Trackman Wheel.  It's a compact, simple trackball that is a mouse
replacement.  You can rest your hand on it while using it, unlike many
trackballs.  The ball is low mass, easy to move with your thumb.  If you are
right handed like I am, it may be a good alternative for you.  Instead of
hovering your hand over a mouse, you can rest it on the trackball.

Get a gel-filled wrist rest to put at the base of your keyboard.  This will
let you avoid supporting all the weight of your arms when typing.

Other things that might help your ergonomic situation:  a pull-out keyboard
drawer and a really good chair.  Most work tables and office tables position
the keyboard too high.  My desk is a regular folding work table (el cheapo
from any office supply store).  It's a good height for electronics work but
not keyboard use.  I use a pull-out keyboard drawer which puts the keyboard
about 3 inches lower than the table top, and it frees up a lot of table
space too.  It's also good because I don't have to sit as close to the
table, I can sit back in my chair.  Of course, if you are very tall this may
be too low for you.  I am 6'3" and it's just right for me.

A really good chair is essential.  I went to a local office supply store
(not Office Depot) and sat in many chairs until I found the perfect one.  I
got a medium-back "task chair" with fabric upholstery, a 5-spoke metal base,
good lower back support and adjustable padded arms.  A fabulous chair, but
pricey (about $600).  I can sit in it all day and still feel good.  It has
about 12 different adjustments, so it can be tweaked to perfection.

Just so we are on topic:  Good ergonomics will help you during those long
Protel sessions...

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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