On 08:07 AM 22/11/2001 +1000, robi artwork said:
>At 08:19 22/11/01 +1100, you wrote:
>>Ahhhhh....but good luck in your quest. I fear this is extremely 
>>optimistic of you :)
>>But you never know if you don't ask I guess.
>>Colin Weber
>thank you, Colin
>As I am the one who started this conversation and, -
>As this has become a significant Issue concerning our work and Op 
>-related, waste less time spent
>I'd like to hand over the replies from this User-Forum to Protel.
>I assume that Protel is monitoring this Forum - If they don't, -  I'll 
>pack all the replies into one big sucker of an email addressed to them -
>if that's the only way to get the message across.
>Has anyone seen Protel reply directly to this forum?


Protel do monitor the forum.  But It would make sense to send a packaged 
email as well.

My position.  I think Linux is an utter dead duck on the desktop *until* 
the dependency hell is sorted out.

If Protel is linked against V3.4.5 of glibc and you have some other version 
you are stuffed.  Then Star Office (buggy heap of junk), needs V3.7.8 of 
glibc so you have to have different boot options depending on what software 
you run.  Either that or have one machine one task.  I am no expert on this 
stuff but, the above is my experience, corrections to this should probably 
be on the OT list.  I will certainly be happy to have more detailed 
discussion there.

Also, installing software on Linux/Free-BSD/*nix is hardly "put in CD-ROM 
and run setup.exe".  The support costs for Protel would rise in a cut over 
to *nix as they now need to manage both the application errors and OS 
installation issues.  Who pays for this - so a trade off for a free (ha ha) 
OS would be increased ATS costs, maybe.

But all that said, I would certainly *love* a viable alternative to M$ and 
their money grubbing ways, that is one reason I hope the Apple OS-X is 
viable not just eye-candy.  So I would support detailed investigation and 
market research by Protel into a Linux/Free-BSD version.  I would probably 
even move to such a version if it were available.  Read this as support for 
at a minimum a *detailed* investigation by Protel into a Linux/Free-BSD 

Ian Wilson

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