I used to use Cadence on Unix for many years. 10 years later I still say 
the older versions of Unix are better
than all the crap out today, period. These overinflated operating systems 
of today, from my viewpoint, are
about money and not service for the customers. Having had the benefit of 
using and network administering
Unix I am biased. However, the fact remains it is better as a networking OS 
and Linux appears to offer many
solutions to this MS XP rubbish.

I also have to say at this point that I think Protel to date has been good 
value for money. I couldn't find
anything out there to offer the same for the price. It just takes time to 
learn how to get the most out of it.
After Cadence I had to learn many more manual techniques again.

I too would support Linux in a flash, if it was a viable option, and would 
love to see Protel run on it. I think the
Problem from the company I work for's point of view though, would be 
different. I still have to have access to
the network and tools. However, I am certain there are solutions here also. 
Our medium sized company is
going through the loops to try and manage licensing at the moment. It 
nothing short of an expensive and
logistical nightmare.

As for the Protel Access database system, as I've said before, get rid of 
that old crap and go straight to a
real database such as an SQL system.

Ahhhhh....but good luck in your quest. I fear this is extremely optimistic 
of you :)
But you never know if you don't ask I guess.

At 07:29 PM 21/11/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>Talking about Operating Systems !!!!!
>To my knowledge -
>Linux is a much-much faster and a lot-lot more stable Operating System as 
>any of Microsofts Op's will ever be.
>Simply said - it's a much better Platform.
>Talking to Protel about a year ago, why "Protel-Tools" aren't  available 
>to operate under Linux-Operation System.
>The answer I was give - " We don't have that many customers requesting it 
>- should more customer asking for this, we may consider it".
>Well well well -
>Maybe the time has come to ask Altium to get  "Protel running under Linux".
>I specifically  posted this mail, to this forum, to attract not only your 
>but also Altiums, Protels attention and thoughts.


Colin Weber

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