On 09:13 PM 11/21/2001 +1000, Don Ingram wrote:
>We vowed to stick with M$ to save having to deal with 'yet more different
>software' but since our experience with dealing with Win2K server and M$'s
>new direction in licensing we decided to have a look at Linux.

I think that readers may be confused by the difference between a server and 
workstation installation of an O/S. Regardless of which Linux or W2k is superior in 
the server market, since Protel EDA serves in an engineering workstation role. We are 
not in the server market, at least those of us who have any sense, since it would 
compromise optimized operation as an engineering workstation in either case. That is 
not to say that one cannot choose to operate an engineering client within a server, 
just that it is less than optimal to do so, and unless one is purposefully bargaining 
workstation performance for a dual-role as net-server, the user is not thinking 

As for performance in a workstation role, I would question any claim regarding 
superiority for Linux in running non-native programs. Since a interpretive porting 
client such as VMWare must be run to operate these non-native clients, valuable 
resources are consumed in operation of that porting client, and therefore effective 
performance of the client application (ex Protel) in question is almost inevitably 
reduced. There are only so many clock-cycles to work with.

Perhaps a native Linux Protel client would run better, perhaps not, but without 
reducing resources to the windows version in favor of developing another O/S native 
version, one can't be sure, can one? The price to settle the dispute would be to 
reduce those support resources for the installed user-base of Windows versions of the 
Protel EDA suite, or perhaps use ATS to prop its L\native Linux actualization up. 
Either way, reduced resources for the installed base, and eventually added cost, at 
least in terms of effort if not monetary by the user to administer a secondary O/S to 
augment their installed base of Windows application for provision of this proposed 
"superior" Protel work environment.


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