At 01:40 AM 12/20/01 -0800, Steve Pfeifenroth wrote:
>I have created a project file with two sheet symbols on it referencing two
>.sch files (both are open and active). I am using simple "flat design" for
>linking two .sch together sharing only net labels and power ports.

I get conflicting information from this. Either net labels are shared or 
they are not. Power ports are always shared (global). One cannot share 
"only" net labels and power ports. If net labels are shared, so will be 
ports (which means regular ports. Forget the term "power ports," it is 
misleading. Think of them as global power objects.)

It seems that you want "net labels and ports global."

>  When I
>select the .prj file and try an ERC there are no warnings.

Which is almost meaningless if no connectivity is being established, 
assuming that the .prj file has no wiring on it.

>  When I select the
>.prj and try to create a Netlist the net list file is completely empty. I am
>selecting the scope of the net identifiers to "global nets/ports". What am I
>doing wrong. I have no problem doing it on each individual file. How do I
>link all the files so that I create 1 netlist and 1 ERC? The files display
>correctly in the file viewer so I know at least Protel understands my setup
>it just isn't producing any output.

Well, I wouldn't assume that it "understands" beans. If you use the descend 
hierarchy tool, does it properly send you to the subsheet?

Here is how it should work:

If you have a project sheet which correctly references subsheets -- in 
P99SE I assume that they are in the same .ddb and for simplicity they are 
in the same folder -- and net scope is set to Net Labels and Ports Global, 
any net label on the project sheet or any subsheet should be netlisted as such.

Do not "Descend into Sheet Parts" unless you know what you are doing. 
Likewise, unless you are a certified Protel Guru, the Sheet Path field 
should be empty for all components. Sheet Path is a device for representing 
a subassembly as if it were an ordinary component. Let us not go there today.

If ERC were detecting the subsheets and it were not detecting the net 
connections, it would almost certainly create a pile of ERC Warnings at the 
least, assuming that the error matrix has not been poked in the eye. In 
fact, you should add more warnings; I generate a warning for any 
unconnected pin regardless of type and then suppress the warnings that are 
safe to ignore with No-ERC Directives.

So I can assume, for starters, that ERC is not detecting your subsheets, 
and if ERC is not detecting them, neither will the netlister.

By the way, the synchronizer is a step up from the Netlist process. But 
first things first.

Naturally, this happens when you have to get the job out the door in 
fifteen minutes.

I would take one of the sample hierarchical schematics supplied with Protel 
and see if it works. If it doesn't, you may have a garbaged installation 
and reinstallation would be in order.

ERC will detect duplicate page numbers. Schematic page numbers are under 
Documentation Options. If two of your sheets are given the same number and 
ERC does not pick them up, definitely the sheets are not being detected. 
Try the Tools/Up-Down Hierarchy command from your .prj sheet and see if you 
can pop to a subsheet using it. If not, check the sheet symbol parameters.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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