At 10:16 PM 1/3/2002 +1100, Ian Wilson wrote:
>I did find a little bit of a funny effect related to the bug I talked 
>about above - in that the edit box text is used as a look-ahead, 
>auto-complete, prefix to preselect an element on the drop list (if it 
>matches) when the drop list arrow is clicked.  this can have an unintended 
>side effect of changing the footprint to something else if you simply open 
>the footprint drop list and close it again.  Try this, change the 
>footprint on a component to only the first two letters of a footprint that 
>is in the drop list.  Then click the footprint arrow twice and see what 
>happens.  Not quite what some may expect since there has been no actual 
>click in the drop list client area.

This sounds like a typical programmer's error. The programmer wants to have 
the current footprint show as selected in the drop-down, for convenience. 
So when the button is pushed and the drop-down menu appears, the existing 
string is compared with the strings in the drop-down menu. If the existing 
string matches the first characters of one of the listings in the drop-down 
menu, the first such match will be selected in the menu, and when the menu 
closes, the menu selection will become the current footprint.

What the programmer did was to match only up to the length of the existing 
footprint string. If the existing string has only one character, the match 
still takes place. If any character in the original string does not match 
the corresponding character in the option list instance, no match is made 
and no selection is made.

This is a bug, for sure. The programmer should have tested for identity, 
not for leftmost identity only, *or* the programmer should have not allowed 
the option box to change the current footprint unless a selection change 
was actually made. I prefer the former: I suspect that the programmer may 
have realized that if he/she required an actual selection, a user could be 
confused. After all, "the footprint showed as selected, why was it not 
selected?" There is no reason for an autocomplete process in selecting from 
one of four footprints!

If it were possible to select from a *large* list of footprints, then it 
might make sense to have look-ahead auto-complete. But that would not even 
be appropriate in this case (such selection might be good in the library 
editor, but probably not in schematic.)

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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