Bob Wolfe wrote:
> OK Here is the scenario, I ran through this today.
> Hopefully I have described it clearly enough.
> I am running 99SE, SP6 on WIN98 Second Ed.
> Using the Database structure.
> Create 3 footprints called KP1, KP2, & KP3 that could be used for this
> part in a library,
> Create a part for a contact pattern for a keypad in a library.
> Part named "KEY"
> In that part I have defined KP1, KP2 & KP3 as legal footprints for that
> part,
> KP1 the 1st on the list then KP2, then KP3.

This defines three easily-selectable footprints for the schematic
symbol, but it does not mean that these are the only footprints that can
be used.  When you place a part (or later), you can either use the
drop-down list to select one of these pre-defined footprints, or you can
type any footprint name in the box.


> So I create the new footprint KP4 and edit the library for the part KEY
> to use only KP4 as a footprint, while both databases for board and library
> are open.
> While editing the part in library I select update schematic.
> Save then go in to schematic, hit part properties and guess what the old
> footprint, KP1,
> is what is listed,
> I can then select the arrow pulldown and see there is a choice for KP4 and
> once selected it now becomes the only choice for that part. But that means
> every unique part needs a global update, that's allot of needless work in my
> mind.

Parts that you place after this change will get the new footprint. 
Existing parts will not be changed.  Since the footprints listed in the
schematic library are not the only permissible footprints for that part,
I expect it would be quite hard for Protel to decide whether or not to
replace an existing footprint with the new one. Arbitrarily changing to
the new "default" footprint could have undesirable effects.
> Schematic Problem:
> Problem here is each unique part needs to be touched separately and then
> globally updated
> to REALLY change the footprint. Other wise the old footprint will get put on
> the board.

Global Editing is your friend!

Using Global Editing, you can easily change all occurances of "KP1" or
"KP4" without touching all affected parts individually.

> And yes you could then change it in the board but why I already supposedly
> updated
> it in the schematic. Seems like allot of extra useless work.
> In my opinion the update schematic function does not work properly, don't
> know whether Protel intends it to work this way or if it is a bug.
> You might as well not have this update feature if it will not change this
> data in the schematic
> globally for you automatically.
> Now for one or two parts this may not be that much extra work but if your
> library structure needs to change drastically this is a major issue.
> Especially
> in a service bureau environment.

I don't think this is a bug.  I suspect from your use of the phrase
"legal footprint" above, that you have a slight misunderstanding of the
function of the footprint fields in the library editor.  As I said
above, those fields do not define the only "legal" footprints for that
schematic symbol - they just let you list four that can be easily
selected.  You can type in any other footprint name rather than using
one of the pre-defined ones, if you wish.

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