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>Mr Lomax,
>I don't believe that I missed your point at all, I just don't agree. There
>is no such thing as a "simple" 3D model. If all you want is simple height,
>you might want to follow Robi's advice and calculate the separations with a
>pencil and paper.

I was tempted to stop reading at this point.... I should have. Instead, 
after writing the first part of what is below, I went back and read the 
rest of Mr. Good's post. It got worse.

Simple height checking would be quite useful. The current database allows 
for it. Why even have a height field if there is no way to use it?

Really, I'm surprised by Mr. Good. As they say, the Good is the enemy of 
the Best.

Now, here is what I read next:

>The Desktop-EDA solution involving Solidworks is completely bi-directional
>and associative. When I send a preliminary layout via export to my 3D CAD
>counterpart, he does my interference checks including connector mating,
>packaging etc. If something needs to be moved, he does it and sends back the
>new layout which I need only to finish routing.

And there goes the schedule. Yes, there is the 3D CAD guy -- in some 
companies -- and, yes, he is going to check the work. But it is much more 
efficient if he gets what is already right. Every time the job has to go 
back, there is a delay, and there is more delay if changes need to be made, 
because those changes need to be communicated, and then the results checked 

This is not how to run a business in today's world. It works when there is 
lots of time, but even then it does not work well, just tolerably.

In many companies, there is no 3-D CAD guy and interference checking is 
done by trying to stuff the parts together in a box. A little interference 
checking, nothing terribly fancy, in Protel would go a long way. Just 
height checking, fine, as long as it is easy to set up height regions, 
simple or complex. More complex models for components, better as an option, 
terrible if they are a necessity.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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