Ken, Abd-ulRahman,
        The description of the issue does not make a lot of sense to me.

        I note that if I have any primitives on a mechanical layer, the
layer name in the mechanical layer set-up is greyed out. I have always
interpreted this as the layer is in use and cannot be disabled. When a layer
name is not greyed, then there are no primitives on that layer and it can be
disabled or unchecked.

        Possibly Ken has mechanical layers color set to the same color as
his background making them essential invisible? This would not let them be
seen visually in the display but they would still be visible in a preview
print. Other then this, I don't know!

Brad Velander.

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At 10:26 AM 2/13/2002 -0500, Ken Henrich wrote:
>When I open the Setup Mechanical Layers dialog box, many of the 
>"Mechanical xx" titles are greyed as is the associated checkbox which is 
>checked. Only two of these layers appear ungreyed and are displayable. All 
>of the other greyed layers cannot be viewed in the pcb view though they 
>can be used in a preview.

Weird. The checkbox is greyed if primitives exist.
What version Protel? 99SE? SP6?

The reported behavior is not normal for SP6.

What is the setting for the mech layers involved in Design/Options/Layers? 
The reported behavior would occur if those layers were not enabled there, 
except for the greying of the title, so I suspect that Mr. Henrich may have 
erred about that, or he does not have SP6, or his installation is trashed 
and he needs a reinstall.
Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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