now I understand your problem, yes I have experienced this as well.
The layers that you cannot get to display all at once are undoubtedly the
mechanical layers 5 - 16. These were the new additional layers added in
P99(SE?). I am unsure if it is a programming deficiency (I highly suspect
this) or if it may be a display problem with certain graphics cards and
        If I am correct, layers 5 - 16 will display if they are the current
layer, if they are not the current layer and you redraw the screen, they
will in all likelihood disappear. Right?

        Comments anyone, does everybody experience this aberration?

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Bran, Abdulrahman,

After reading your replies, some of my confusion has been dispelled. I agree
with you that if the mechanical layer set-up is greyed out, that there are
primitives on that layer. I only have two mechanical layers with nothing on
them. These are indeed selectable.

Back to my display problem. I have used the mechanical layers to create
drawings. For instance, one layer is the drawing template, another is text
with board specifications, others are titles with page numbers and so on.
When I go into preview, I combine the layers that I need to generate the
desired drawing. In preview, I have no problem getting the data to appear.
However, in the PCB edit mode, I cannot get every layer to display at once.
If I could, I would get everything that I have placed on every layer. I do
have all mechanical layers visible in the mechanical layers setup dialog. In
the design/options dialog I set use all layers. Now even though all the
layers do not display, if I scan with the mouse, an area known to have a
primitive I will see it pop up in the status display. I can then click the
mouse and edit its properties normally. When I close the properties box, the
primitive displays. When I hit view/refresh, it disappears. This board is a
simple 2 layer board. Layers directly associated with the board always show.
(top bottom, silkscreen ....)

I'm using sp6 on a win2k box.

Thanks for your help.


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