On 06:55 AM 15/04/2002 -0500, Tim Hutcheson said:
>Thanks, Ian, but I can't even see the toolbar anymore because Protel never
>regains the focus again and other windows which are no longer repainted
>correctly partially obliterate the remnants of the original window.
>Eventually (by this morning) even all evidence of the original window have
>disappeared and all that remains is the Client99SE button on the Win2000
>start bar and the entry in the Processes list of the Task Manager.  Now it's
>just cranking away in the background!
>Tim Hutcheson

Hmmm...when I run a simulation the user interface remains operational, 
meaning that it gets repainted and toolbars remain visible, the application 
repaints itself after closing another application in front.  For me, the 
sim is well behaved in that the UI remains fully operational.  I can even 
go into the Sch and change values  and stuff while the sim is running 
(can't start the sim again until the old one has finished/been stopped).

I do not know whether the sim runs in a separate thread (would seem likely) 
or whether there is a call to ProcessMessages (a Delphi function) between 
every n'th iteration.  I have not had any need to try to figure this 
out.  But in the later case if a sim was really complex and slow it may 
mean that the UI update is delayed excessively - but it does not sound like 
this is what you are seeing.

So, I am wondering if your simulation is hung - which in turn has hung 
P99SE completely.  You say "by this morning", the old days of  overnight 
batch simulations are pretty dead you know :-).  (Anyone else ever done a 
SPICE deck, as in a deck of punch cards? I had to do a couple to show how 
it was done at Uni, but then the fancy new 300/75 baud terminals came in, 
which insisted on chewing the most important few lines of the simulation - 
all running off a few MHz state of the art Cyber computer.)

Can you try a really simple RC simulation, simple AC and transient 
response?  What do you get then? Make the time step really small to make 
sure the sim takes enough time to allow you to test.  Or add a few opamps 
etc from the Protel Schematic simulation liibraries, to slow the sim speed 
to controllable rate.  Can you control the UI, see the toolbar, stop the sim?


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