Ok, I fixed this problem (thanks to the helpful responses).
 I simply created a new net class("Allnetsclass"), added all the nets to the
class, and setup to short circuit rules to "not allow short circuit" for any
of these nets (which is all the nets in the layout). Inturn this rule does
not flag short circuits with pads or nets with "no net" names. My old rule
had both scopes as the board (scope1) and board (scope2) instead of the way
I have the scopes now where its "Allnetsclass"(scope1) and board (scope2).I
feel safe with this in place and if any of my nets are shorted it will still
show the violation. These unused pads with dogbones were the only thing with
no net names.
Thanks for the help gentlemen! 
Michael Biggs

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From: Michael Biggs [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PEDA] FBGA fan outs with no net name

I am working with a design that has a large FBGA and each pad on this part
has a via fanout from it. Not all the pads are assigned a net name on this
FBGA. The pins that are not used have no net name and therefore the pad has
no net name but I am still giving it a fan out with a small connection to
it, incase I ever need to use it. The problem is the design rules flags all
these. My question is there any way around this or a design rule I can set
up that will not show these no net name fanouts/connections as a violation?
Thanks for anyones comments,
Michael Biggs

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